vibrators for women

Vibrators for Women

The first thing you need to think about when you’re looking for vibrators for women is to find out what you want to stimulate.

Certainly their main purpose is penetration. However most women stimulate the clitoris as well – and the first couple of inches into the vagina or anus.

Soft or Strong

Before shopping you should know how sensitive you or your partner are. If you know if you prefer soft or strong vibrations, you can narrow your search already.

Which material is best for vibrators

Harder materials like plastic transmit more vibrations, but especial for beginners these vibrations are often too firm. Silicon vibrators in general are softer, providing mild sensations are often used by beginners. It is a good idea to try not only one but start with a silicon vibrator and if this is not strong enough change to a plastic one. Also the shape comes into play, a smaller one concentrates the vibrations to a tiny spot, thus feeling much stronger. As a general rule, the more options your vibrator has with the control feature, the better, since you’ll have more choices to play with.

Vibrator shapes and styles

If you don’t want just clitoral but also vaginal stimulations, a rabbit vibrator is the best to use. Here are some examples taken from Amazon:

A Customer Review:

“Decided to splurge after my last “toy” stopped working

This baby is the best. I’ve tried 4 different electric vibrators and this one rocks my world like no other toy before. It’s very quiet and yet can be very powerful is thats something that you need. You wont regret it.”

Another popular choice is this one:

A review:

“…get one of these?!? That’s what I keep asking myself – it makes no sense to NOT get one, this thing is that awesome. The only thing that’s missing is an anal stimulator (fyi: they DO make rabbits that come with those, too – I’m going to get one of those next) but it’s just great! When set to high, the vibration is powerful – I almost couldn’t handle it (and loooove that!) I’m a satisfied customer who would definitely recommend this item to someone else.”

Bullet Vibrators are special vibrators for women:

They are completely inserted into the vagina, but are not good for stimulating the clitoris.

“This bullet is surprisingly strong. I tested it vs many other bullets and was surprised it was more powerful than others that claim to be powerful. Also since the manufacturer makes so many of these, the price is super low. This should be a best selling bullet! ”


G-spot vibrators can be used for stimulating the clit, but there major use is to reach the g-spot due to its special shape.

“This is the best money ever spent. Just got it today and I love it. My orgasm was so intense,cant wait to use it in the shower. I am going to recommend it to all my friends. “

Best vibrators explained